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Dogs Color Changing Solar Wind Chime

Dogs Color Changing Solar Wind Chime

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Beautiful, day and night!  Our dogs navigate the path to our hearts 💕 through their goofy smiles, warm snuggles, silly kisses, and doggy quirks. They light up our life!

A unique and unexpected gift for any dog lover, this decorative mobile glows the strongest when hung in a spot with long hours of sunshine.


Six dogs frolicking in the wind while they fade from hue to hue, these unique chimes will light up your evenings with color-changing magic no matter where you hang them.   

The perfect gift for any pet lover, this charming mobile can also be an uplifting component of a memorial garden for a departed pet. The cords suspending the paw prints are very thin and nearly invisible after dark. Comes with a three-point 7½"-long hanging wire with a convenient circle hook at the top.

Easy installation, just hangs and enjoy. 
No outlet is required.
For best results, allow charging in direct sunlight for a minimum of 8 hours.
Solar-powered, rechargeable 1.2V 600mAh battery included.

Weight & Dimensions:

6¾" dia. x 26"H
Chain 8½"L

Light output and duration are dependent upon factors including season, weather conditions, and sun exposure. Place in direct sunlight for maximum display.

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